Mesolipo (Mesotherapy) Fat Melting Injection

Mesotherapy is a safe, natural alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures, which delivers active ingredients into the fat cells in order to achieve desirable results. Mesotherapy is highly effective in fat reduction by using high quality natural actives fat reduction ingredients in high concentrations, such as Centella Asiatica, Gotu Kola, Escin, Horse Chestnut, Forskolin, Caffeine, Retinol in cellulite, and localised fat cells.

Price                         1 session                     6 sessions

                                        £150                            £750


  • Painless and donot cause discomfort
  • Short recovery period
  • Affordable fat removal treatment
  • Contouring of the body
  • Improves appearance of skin and reduces cellulit

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive treatment which helps to stimulate fat metabolism. It’s a series of mini-injections which melt away fatty deposits under the skins surface. Mesotherapy is also a highly effective rejuvenating treatment. The procedure can be used to tone and tighten sagging skin on the neck, legs, abdomen, arms and hands. Re-dermalization Mesotherapy has a corrective and healing effect as it stimulates fibroblast activity which in turn results in stimulating an increase in collagen production in the skin.

How does mesotherapy work?

It is microinjection of cocktail of some substances such as Deoxycholate (destructs fat cell membrane), Caffeine or Artitrans (raises the metabolism of the tissues around the injection site), Organic Silicium or Phosphatidylcholine: (releases fat to be dissolved and taken up by the white blood cells and lymphatic system), Aminophylline, Carnitine, Yohimbine, Ginkgo biloba, Vitamin B-12 and B complex into subcutaneous tissue (mesoderm) to dissolve fat in femoral thighs, buttocks,  hips, and abdomen. The ability to choose from a range of drugs allows us to safely tailor a cocktail to your specific needs and response.

What can be happen after Mesotherapy?

Bruising: This is common and can last for a week if large. This is due to blood vessels in the skin being punctured by the injections. It is safe and will resolve with time. We find bruising most significant in the upper arm area.

Swelling: This is part of the inflammatory response and will last for a few days. This is normal and expected. With mesotherapy of the tummy area, an abdominal binder may help to limit he swelling.

Tenderness: Also from the inflammatory process. The treated area should not be painful. Just tender to pressure/touch. As long as this is the case, it shows that the mesotherapy is still working and should not be repeated until the tenderness is gone. This may take 1-2 weeks.

How quickly can I see results?

his depends on several factors such as baseline fat quantity, cocktail used, individual variation in response, concomitant use of other fat melting technology. For pockets of stubborn fat such as love handles, we often get visible results after the second session, especially when Deoxycholate is used. Once the swelling subsides, the contouring becomes visible, usually about a week after the second treatment.

How often can I repeat Mesotherapy sessions?

We space out our treatments 2 weeks apart, for a maximum of 5 sessions initially. We then advise our clients to rest for a month before re-assessing the need for more treatment. If more than one area needs treatment, we can treat one area per session, then treat a different area a few days later. The reason for the 2-week interval is to ensure all the reaction has occurred in each area before further administration of fat-melting drugs to that area. This prevents over treatment and damage to non-fat tissue.

How many sessions of Mesotherapy do I need?

This all depends on how much fat you want to melt and how you react to the treatment. We can only give you an estimation when we see you. Even then, it is just a gauge. We have melted saddle-bags in 2-3 sessions. Love handles can also be melted in 3-4 sessions. For large tummies, up to 12 sessions may be needed. For facial contouring, up to 4. Our aim is to administer the maximum safe dose during each treatment.

Will Mesotherapy tighten up loose skin?

The advantage of Mesotherapy over Liposuction is the ability to add in skin-firming DMAE to the cocktail for skin lifting effects. This reduces the risk of excess loose skin after the fat is destroyed. Use of skin firming equipment can further reduce the risk of loose skin.

Is Mesotherapy painful?

Mesotherapy for fat melting involves multiple injections deep into the fat layer. Some degree of discomfort is to be expected, but much of it is psychological due to our natural aversion to needles. For many cocktails, the discomfort is from the needles piercing the skin. Because of our advance injection gun which make injection swift and steady and use of tiny needles, the pain is minimised. We would accomplish this with ice packs, topical anaesthesia cream to numb the skin before starting treatment. Our aestheticians are also attentive throughout, and help to soothe our more anxious clients into a more relaxed state. With the introduction of the highly potent pure Deoxycholate solutions, pain does occur about 30 seconds after injection. This is from cell destruction and release of fat into the surrounding tissues. Fat is an irritant and causes a strong inflammatory reaction and therefore pain. We discuss the addition of Deoxycholate into the cocktail with our clients, and vary the concentration based on everyone’s pain threshold. We also offer the option of more effective pain management options which can make the process easier to tolerate.