Permenant Makeup

Our advanced permanent make-up techniques will give you a look which is natural, professional and effective, whilst defining your facial features. We apply subtle make-up which suits any occasion,complements your skin tone, eye and hair colour and always looks fresh. And of course if you ever want a slightly more dramatic look, it provides the perfect base for conventional make-up. The long-lasting results are so impressive that no-one will know it is semi-permanent unless you tell them. Our semi-permanent make-up stays put whatever the weather, meaning you can look fantastic wherever you are and no matter how busy your day is.


Eyebrow                                                              £180

Eyeliner                                                               £200

Lip liner                                                               £250

Breast Areola/Nipple                                        £350/one nipple               £500/both nipples

Repairs                                                                From £100